Welcome to Poznań

Poznań, one of Poland’s oldest and most vibrant cities, an important centre for trade, industry, and higher education, has a rich cultural and architectural heritage. The archaeological excavations in Ostrów Tumski (the Cathedral’s Island) in Poznań revealed the presence of architectonical structures and tombs of dukes and kings of Poland. The urbanistic layout of Poznań’s Old Town, dating back to the Middle Ages, exhibits characteristic features of medieval European city planning. The city’s picturesque Old Town Square is dominated by the Renaissance City Hall, a building of great beauty. Excavations within the Old Town area have yielded many new artefacts, now presented in the Archaeological Museum. Visitors to Poznań can also enjoy its lively atmosphere, culinary delights, and a strong connection to Poland’s historical past.

Poznań has something to offer every traveler, especially to archaeologists. It’s a destination that combines tradition and modernity, making it a good starting point to explore Poland!