Adam Mickiewicz University, Collegium Minus, Wieniawskiego 1, 61-712

Adam Mickiewicz University is the major academic institution in Poznań and one of the top Polish universities. Its reputation is founded on tradition, the outstanding achievements of the faculty, and the attractive curriculum.The Poznań Society for the Advancement of Arts and Sciences which played an important role in leading Poznań to its reputation as a chief intellectual centre during the Age of Positivism and partitions of Poland, initiated the founding of the university. The inauguration ceremony of the newly founded institution took place on 7 May 1919 World War II. It is worth noticing, that archaeology, thanks to one of the erectors Professor Józef Kostrzewski was present from the very beginning of the University. Some of the most famous university alumni were Marian Rejewski, Henryk Zygalski, and Jerzy Różycki, who broke the Enigma cipher – a German encryption machine for the first time.The university is organized into six principal academic units—five research schools consisting of twenty faculties and the doctoral school—with campuses throughout the historic Old Town and Morasko. The university has also branches in Słubice (co-operated with the European University Viadrina), Gniezno, Piła, and Kalisz, and the Polish Archaeological Institute at Athens (from June 2019). As of 2019, it is one of ten Polish universities to disclose its research status. The university employs roughly 4,000 academics and has more than 40,000 students who study in some 80 disciplines.

Collegium Historicum, Faculty of Archaeology, Uniwersytetu Poznańskiego 1, 61-614 Poznań